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Hello, we're Kylie Rowe Co.


A tech-based leadership development training company that combines experiential and introspective curriculum with modern best practices, developing individuals and teams anytime-anywhere.

Proudly developing people leaders at

 We live, breathe, and represent modern values and motivations of the future of leaders


Fostering a sense of belonging in a like-minded community or group/team space with open dialogue, meaningful discussion, and small-group or 1:1 break-outs.


Learning tied to reflective questions and journaling activities that strengthen self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills that lead to individual and workplace well-being.


Programs designed and led by peers, and custom curated to align corporate philosophies with current evidence and best practices that transform workplace culture.

 Meet Our Team


Kylie Rowe

Founder & CEO

Trainer & Coach | CxLabs


Cecilia Perez

Marketing & Growth Strategist

Community Manager | CxLabs


Chief Canine Officer

 Mission and Vision

We’ll keep it simple:

Our mission is to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves through personal leadership development, and our vision is to make the world a better place by enhancing all human emotional intelligence.


When we do, we live by these values:


Determine the best possible outcome and then go after it; there are no failures, only lessons.


People matter, therefore relationships matter, and are worth investing in at every opportunity.


Excellence today requires the adaptability and flexibility to empower, change, and evolve.


Being willing to share our challenges will help us step into our potential.


Give voice to your most authentic self and thoughts. For example, we love nerds.

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