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Transforming culture to inspire personal and workplace well-being

We’re a tech-based leadership development training company that combines experiential and introspective curriculum with modern best practices, developing individuals, and teams anytime-anywhere.

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 We live, breathe, and represent modern values and motivations of the future of leaders


Fostering a sense of belonging in a like-minded community, group, or team space with open dialogue, meaningful discussions, and small-group or 1:1 break-out sessions.


Learning tied to reflective questions and journaling activities that strengthen self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and other human skills that lead to individual and workplace well-being.


Programs designed and led by diverse peers, and custom curated to align corporate philosophies with current evidence and best practices that transform workplace culture.

Distinctive opportunities, tailored curriculums

Our core programs develop leadership skills and competency with an emphasis in communication, emotional intelligence, personal and workplace well-being.

Custom Virtual Programs for Corporations

12 Months

This virtual program provides educational experiences designed to address your specific organizational challenges. 

Partner with us to develop a series of online experiential and introspective trainings to move your leadership development strategy and modern company culture from vision to action.

Immersive In-Person Programs for Groups

9 Hours

Collaborate with us to develop your entire team or business group through flexible and experiential in-person trainings. The introspective portion of this program occurs in-between meetings, and the overall program structure can be scheduled over consecutive days, or split into 3 days of 3-hour sessions with small group break-outs and 1:1 peer accountability over the course of months.

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