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Someone once described me as a ‘Creator’, and I wholeheartedly adopted it. I believe life is more meaningful when we create something that never existed. Throughout my career, I’ve been attracted to challenging opportunities that required me to learn on the job and pave the way for new programs, centers, lines of business, or successfully launching a new entity.

Being open to possibilities and examining strategies is what built my expertise in economic, community, and organizational development. Also, with my passion for research and public speaking, I share modern information to develop leaders and enjoy working with teams to strengthen skills in communication, emotional intelligence, personal and workplace well-being.


For a more comprehensive version of my background or to get to know me personally, use the social links at the top of my site and connect or follow me @kyrobiz.

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The Great Reflection: Solutions to Build Culture and Retain Talent

I advocate for the future of work, emphasizing human skills and well-being.

The greatest gift of the pandemic was the world-wide opportunity to pause—we named it, “The Great Reflection”. Evaluating purpose on such a global scale launched an enormous pattern of behavior, which has now created an expectation and demand by people in the workplace.


Humans seek meaning, everywhere. We are living in the age of experience where memories and positive emotion are expectations. While the busiest workers spend one-third of their lives at work, the office and collegial environment has no exception to the deep-rooted desire to belong, feel genuinely cared for, and that showing up everyday means more than a paycheck.


A positive experience at the basic level requires connection. Connection requires intelligence - not just mental but emotional. And we know that a company thrives when its people are well; individuals thrive when we feel meaning and belonging, and those conditions require a platform where empathy is the most elevated and trained for skill in the workplace.


It’s my mission to remain an advocate for the future of work. Therefore, I am periodically engaged to speak in front of audiences, and I also license my leadership training curriculum to teams and organizations who align with the vision that developing all human emotional intelligence will make the world a greater place.

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