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Does this sound familiar to you?

  • I'm a successful high achiever looking to crush it in both personal and professional life (i.e., I am seeking balance), and I’d like to be part of a professional community that supports me to be my best self.
  • I’m relatively new to leading a team and looking to develop emotional intelligence and other skills to manage up, down, and across.
  • I’m a recently promoted and highly productive individual with an opportunity for improvement in all things communication.
  • I’m stepping into a role with more visibility and need to amplify my voice on and offline, with confidence.
  • I'm a director of a team in need of conflict resolution and trust-building.
  • I’m a relatively high-powered professional seeking additional skill and competence in leadership.

If so, then we'd bet one of these is also true...

  • Despite your “success”, you aren’t as fulfilled in life and it’s becoming increasingly obvious.
  • Your hard work and determination haven’t moved you into a leadership role as quickly as you’d like and the path forward feels daunting.
  • For all the accolades you’ve received, you’re more self-doubting, afraid, and stressed than anyone would ever guess.
  • Your gut tells you you're meant for bigger things, but you lack the support, guidance, and possibly the training to be more than you are.
  • You’re a rockstar employee drowning in a toxic work environment and you need the courage, confidence, and personal brand to land a new opportunity.

So How Do You Fix It?

  • With a leadership program that is customized to your goals providing personalized guidance and answers to all your questions. CxLabs: The Leadership Lab for Future CxOs will give you up to 60-minutes of 1:1 coaching each month to ensure completion of development activities and progress of your personal leadership plan at every step of your growth journey.
  • With an evidence and  research-based program—you can continue to fill your desire to build knowledge and learn best practices in personal development, communication, goal setting, employee engagement, managing conflict, curating culture, leading change, and personal and business branding for leaders.
  • With access to research and a like-minded professional community—you can learn from others and find a supportive space to try new things, face personal and professional challenges, and process your experience along the way. Plus, you have access to the research that backs up all the lessons on how to lead today.

Here's what you need (that no one is teaching you) to develop your leadership skills. 


CxLabs: The Leadership Lab for Future CxOs

Where like-minded executives from various industries and organizations come together to find clarity, strengthen communication, and lead with confidence.

Program Start Date: 11/1/21

In 6-months, CxLabs will increase your leadership confidence and elevate your overall well-being.

The program is customized with built-in accountability that transforms people’s lives. It combines the best of every program:

  • Individual accountability coaching, focused on elevating overall well-being
  • Live group training with evidence and research-based content to develop and enhance leadership skill and competency
  • Regular office hours with a consultative and mastermind-like experience to support efforts in branding/marketing and business strategy
  • Monthly time slot dedicated to communication practice for 1:1, small group, and public speaking engagements

In Six Months, You Will Complete:

Month One

Discovery - identify your big issues, needs, and priorities and begin to clarify your personal vision, mission, and core values
Assessments - self-evaluate your leadership competence and overall well-being
Personal leadership plan - develop a plan that aligns your personal and business goals with achievable milestones

Months Two Through Five

Core leadership development - content via live trainings 2 times per month
Monthly 1:1 - accountability coaching tracking the progress of your personal leadership plan and completion of development activities
Office Hours 2x/month - group coaching/consultation for additional advisement, training, practice, and support

Month Six

Post evaluation/assessment - measure individual growth and provide program feedback
Review - what you learned, what you want more of, etc
Develop a personal plan - for continued growth

Why should you join

CxLabs: The Leadership Lab for Future CxOs?

  • Clarity of purpose in business and life
  • Self-confidence to own ideas and motivation to try new things
  • Increased emotional intelligence and ability to build trust
  • Accountability to lead and make values-driven decisions
  • Amplified voice and personal brand heard by a target audience
  • Improved public speaking, small group, and 1:1 communication
  • Enhanced personal development and leaderships skills, creating balance and elevated well-being

What you can expect each month:

  • 60-minute evidence and research-based training sessions for skill and competency development in leadership (modules recorded and may be accessed any time during enrollment of program)
  • Up to 60-minutes of 1:1 coaching to ensure progress toward your personal leadership plan
  • Office hours for consulting support in branding/marketing or other business strategies 1x/month
  • Communication practice 1x/month - a forum to enhance skills, develop key messages, learn and implement best practices for leaders with clarity and confidence

YES there's more!  (BONUSES)

  • Well-being Assessment
  • Leadership Competency Assessment
  • Personal/Business Brand Audit
  • Communication Assessment
  • Core Values Identification
  • Personal Leadership Plan

Prices will increase soon!

The price will be going up to $600 monthly or $3450 pay in full - purchase now!









The Investment:

Program Start Date: 11/1/21


Pay In Full

  • First Chance Offer!
  • Includes all of the benefits

Program Start Date: 11/1/21


Pay once a month for 6 months

  • First Chance Offer!
  • Includes all of the benefits

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Meet Kylie

Kylie Rowe, CEO of Kylie Rowe Co., is a specialist in corporate leadership development. An award-winning executive of the year herself, she helps rising-star executives and executive teams build leadership confidence and elevate overall workplace and personal well-being. Her system provides evidence-based leadership education, best-practices training, and accountability coaching to efficiently achieve personal and professional goals.

Kylie’s path to enhancing human emotional intelligence began earlier when, serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA, she designed a wellness curriculum for disadvantaged youth that taught emotional wellness and skill-building, including their learning to name and express their feelings.

Seeing the positive effects, she later designed her sophisticated adult-oriented business based on a strategic vision that the adult world could be a better place by assisting individuals and companies to develop advanced levels of personal leadership skills - which at its core is emotional intelligence. Now recognized as a top 20 under-40 professional, she holds master's degrees in social work and in business administration, and her undergraduate education is in economics.

Consider this →

If you say NO right now...

  • You will continue to be stuck exactly where you are.
  • This founder’s program, starting September 1, 2021, is the best price this program will ever be.
  • The program pricing will go up for the next cohort, starting November 1, 2021.
  • Pricing runs through August 31, 2021, then we will begin holding spots for the second cohort at a higher price point.


But what if you say YES?

  • A motivating educational environment to learn and practice leadership skills.
  • An intelligent community of like-minded professionals who support your personal growth and well-being.
  • Accountability to achieve personal leadership goals and milestones.
  • Clarity of purpose in business and life.
  • Confidence to lead.
  • You'll be one step further to accomplishing your goals.


Professional Recommendations

“Kylie encouraged me to discover who I am and what I am looking to achieve and then really guided me on how to take that information and develop a strong personal brand. She was thoughtful, honest and direct in her approach.”

-Matt Heyerdahl, CPA Chief Financial Officer, Gaming Arts, LLC

“Kylie is a personification of the word dynamic. She is authentic and engaging when giving presentations. Her ideas are well-thought-out and backed by research. Most importantly perhaps, she builds friendships and connections with the people she speaks to, inspiring them into action. After listening to and speaking with Kylie, you'll be a better person. I cannot recommend her enough."

-Angela Rudolph, MBA Social Business Instructor & Communications Specialist, University of Nevada, Reno

“Kylie provided us with trainings above our expectations, and her commitment to her craft is to be admired. I am very pleased we brought her on to help our leadership with time sensitive and important trainings. We needed to have an aligned leadership team always on the same page with clear communication.”

-James E. Campos, M.S., MBA Former Director (Assistant Secretary) at the U.S. Department of Energy

Questions?  We've got answers.