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From Heptathlete to Programmer then CEO & Founder of Jimmy Beans Wool: Laura Zander Entrepreneurship / Stories / TEDx

You know there’s something special about a person that graduates with a masters degree and enters a PhD program at the age of 21. Constant never ending improvement and hard work are the strengths on which Laura Zander relied to work full-time in College while running the heptathlon in track and studying pre-med and criminal justice. Laura thrived in the learning environment and all but defended...

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The Eternal Learner with a Mission to Invest in Women: Lauren Klein Entrepreneurship / Stories

Since the first day I met Lauren Klein, she’s been investing in women. I walked into the Starbucks off of South Meadows a couple years ago and randomly spotted Lauren and Ashley Jennings working together quietly. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the sale of Girlmade was going down. Lauren and Ashley were in the final stages of reviewing a term sheet. Girlmade, the business...

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CEO & Founder of Coalition Snow & Zawadisha: Jen Gurecki Entrepreneurship / Stories / TEDx

When Jen Gurecki graduated with a degree in Journalism, it was the pre FOX news and pre twitter days. Journalism was a legitimate business and industry; people heavily relied on the stories you told because they provided facts to the world. As soon as she picked up on how dishonest and corrupt it could be, she walked. There was no integrity in changing or omitting stories...

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Community Service Advocate & President of Dickson Realty: Nancy Fennell Business / Stories

A great real estate agent is the ultimate entrepreneur who at the core relies on relationships to maintain excellence. It’s the best job in the whole world because real estate is the foundation of communities. Buying a new house is a personal expression. It’s where we raise our children and where we endow our schools; it’s our neighborhood. There is nothing more basic or fundamental...

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