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Former U.S. Congressman & Silicon Valley CEO now Professor of Entrepreneurship: Ed Zschau Entrepreneurship / Politics / Stories

In my first post I defined excellence and how it differs from success. When we think about success, we are often measuring it against something or someone else. Successful people are typically associated with the attainment of wealth or popularity, while excellence is found in people who are intrinsically motivated to perform at their highest potential. They crave and strive for improvement and they usually won’t rest...

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Consultant, Candidate & Lecturer: Jill Tolles Politics / Stories

Jill Tolles wasn’t even 30 when she worked as a regional manager for a Fortune 200 company. Hard work ethic and strong communication skills brought her up through the ranks to a position where she identified payroll and human resource solutions for hundreds of small businesses in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. She built relationships that gave her insight into the local economy and challenges faced by job...

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By Marcus Lavergne University of Nevada, Reno alumna, 4.0-grad student, assistant director, women’s empowerment advocate and activist, business owner — these are just a few of the many hats that Kylie Rowe wears on a daily basis. Her newest venture explores ways to introduce women on campus and in the community to entrepreneurship… Read The Rest  

Young entrepreneur advocate tours Biggest Little City News

I recently had the pleasure of touring Salman Ahmad through the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our very own Biggest Little City. Ahmad came to me via the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) after going through a rigorous process to be selected as a young leader in the U.S. Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program. The NNIC identified me as Ahmad’s counterpart, and I was honored to...

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