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Alaska Native turned Fashion Industry Entrepreneur & Founder of BootRoxx: Heather Sallan Entrepreneurship / Stories

You would never guess one of Reno’s most stylish and motivated entrepreneurs hails from Anchorage, Alaska. It’s okay, because she doesn’t believe it either. Growing up she felt like a fish out of water. She craved big cities, fashion, culture and starting her own business. She found she was a more inspired worker than she was a student after landing her first jobs in sales. Growing...

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A Decade of Experience Turned a Garage Dream into a Reality: Chris Shanks Entrepreneurship / Stories

Don’t underestimate the power of business planning in the garage with your college roommate. Although ideas at that time in your life may not necessarily work out, it’s worth thinking it through with people you trust and envisioning a business that might some day come to fruition. This story is true for Chris Shanks who brewed beer in the garage during his days as an undergraduate...

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Excellence: 5 Questions for Business, Political People & Entrepreneurs Business / Stories

excellence  ex·cel·lence \ˈek-s(ə-)lən(t)s\: the best we can be, maximizing our gifts, talents and abilities to perform at our highest potential. I almost chose to write a blog on success. It seems obvious that someone in entrepreneurship would ask business people and entrepreneurs about how they become successful. Instead of focus on success, which is often measured by comparison to others, I want to write about excellence. People...

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