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Dickson Realty Announces Kylie Rowe as Vice President of Relocation and Agent Services Business / News

By Chrisie Yabu Dickson Realty primed to assist those relocating to area for job opportunities Reno – Dickson Realty has announced Kylie Rowe as Vice President of Relocation and Agent Services to assist new companies moving to the region as well as to support Dickson Realty REALTORS with the tools they need to succeed. Dickson Realty is the first realty company in northern Nevada to...

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Marmot Properties are Bullish on Reno Entrepreneurship / Stories

After the economic crash of 2008, they lost their jobs just like millions of other people, but with MBA’s in their back pockets, starting a business together put a floor under their risk. The three Raydon brothers analyzed the economy of every decent sized city in the interior western United States. They left out the coast and didn’t look further than Denver. After thorough research,...

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A Life Worth Living as a Real Estate Social Entrepreneur: Eric Raydon Entrepreneurship / Stories

I sat down not once, but two times at Dreamer’s Coffee House to first interview Eric Raydon, then later collect the story of the company he co-owns, Marmot Properties. Eric seeks a life worth living through faith, family, friends and the greater good. His advice is to find your passion and follow it. Network relentlessly but not blindly because people that you know and trust are your base. He says...

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Community Service Advocate & President of Dickson Realty: Nancy Fennell Business / Stories

A great real estate agent is the ultimate entrepreneur who at the core relies on relationships to maintain excellence. It’s the best job in the whole world because real estate is the foundation of communities. Buying a new house is a personal expression. It’s where we raise our children and where we endow our schools; it’s our neighborhood. There is nothing more basic or fundamental...

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