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Tahoe Boy turned Republican Politician and Small Business Owner: Pat Hickey Politics / Stories

After a few years writing columns and reporting on Nevada politics, someone finally asked him how much longer he would keep criticizing before he did something about it. That was the point at which Pat Hickey ran for office. He had just finished a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno and jumped into his first Nevada State Assembly race in 1996. After...

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Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce Director of Government Relations: Tray Abney Politics / Stories

His first day as an actual resident in Reno Tray Abney met Chuck Norris. It was New Years Eve in 2006 and Tray took his wife to see Star Wars episode three at the old Park Lane Mall. He was walking around the corner and spotted two guys looking into the windows of a taekwondo school. Right as the men turned around, Tray recognized Chuck immediately and...

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What 5 Political Influencers Say about Qualities for Excellence Lists / Politics

Whether they are lobbying policy makers, passing bills in the Nevada State Legislature, U.S. House of Congress or governing at the City of Reno, the qualities for excellence that political influencers seek to find in others include strong interpersonal skills, certain personal values and the ability to expand and lead. The beauty of blogging as a storyteller is that I can go back through my notes and in...

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From Performing Arts to Politics: Alex Bybee Politics / Stories

You learn a lot about empathy when training to perform the character of others in Hollywood, on the musical theatre stage in Las Vegas and through other performance groups growing up. You regularly put yourself in someone else’s life and try to understand who that character is. You are encouraged from a very early age to not only define your voice but to gain the confidence to define the voice of...

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