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Group of female student with Reno mayor Hillary Schieve. Leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, joining mayor Schieve for the WIBA “Mayoratorial”. Entrepreneurship / Stories

Curiosity. It’s the fundamental attribute of one of my greatest mentors. She seeks new experiences and regularly strives to develop and hone new talents. Her passion of decades is drawing out the best in herself and those around her. It’s what initially brought Liset Puentes into my life. In her first semester as a transfer student, Liset was a journalist for the Nevada Sagebrush. She...

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5 Answers on Excellence: Alice Heiman Part II Business / Entrepreneurship / Stories / Video

Alice Heiman, originally from New Jersey, studied education and started a resource center for parents and teachers just after earning a master’s degree in literacy. With a cutting edge business in education, she spoke at conferences around the country. Although she was an expert with a passion for the industry, she faced a tough lesson not reaching the revenue necessary to keep her business open. Next...

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From Teaching Literacy to Training the Trainers in Sales: Alice Heiman Part I Business / Entrepreneurship / Stories / Video

Alice Heiman is originally from New Jersey and lived there the first 18 years of her life. She went to Indiana University in Bloomington and chose that school because they had a great art program. While playing on the women’s soccer team in college, she quickly realized she wouldn’t make a living in art and ended up studying to be a teacher. Her undergraduate degree is in elementary...

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The Launch of the Ozmen Center Women’s Initiative: Part II Business / Entrepreneurship / News

On Thursday night May 26, 2016, the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship launched a Women’s Initiative. With a major gift from U.S. Bank, we were able to host an evening with over 100 women, both student leaders on campus and women in business and entrepreneurship in the community. This will be the first of many events and we hope to include as many women that would like...

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