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The Launch of the Ozmen Center Women’s Initiative: Part II Business / Entrepreneurship / News

On Thursday night May 26, 2016, the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship launched a Women’s Initiative. With a major gift from U.S. Bank, we were able to host an evening with over 100 women, both student leaders on campus and women in business and entrepreneurship in the community. This will be the first of many events and we hope to include as many women that would like...

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The Eternal Learner with a Mission to Invest in Women: Lauren Klein Entrepreneurship / Stories

Since the first day I met Lauren Klein, she’s been investing in women. I walked into the Starbucks off of South Meadows a couple years ago and randomly spotted Lauren and Ashley Jennings working together quietly. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the sale of Girlmade was going down. Lauren and Ashley were in the final stages of reviewing a term sheet. Girlmade, the business...

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