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Group of female student with Reno mayor Hillary Schieve. Leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, joining mayor Schieve for the WIBA “Mayoratorial”. Entrepreneurship / Stories

Curiosity. It’s the fundamental attribute of one of my greatest mentors. She seeks new experiences and regularly strives to develop and hone new talents. Her passion of decades is drawing out the best in herself and those around her. It’s what initially brought Liset Puentes into my life. In her first semester as a transfer student, Liset was a journalist for the Nevada Sagebrush. She...

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Building Confidence with the Executive Vice President of Renown Health: Dawn Ahner Business / Stories

A couple months ago my boss Nancy Fennell asked me to help greet guests at the alumni event she hosted for Advisory Board Chairs of the Nevada Women’s Fund (NWF). I was minutes into an inspiring conversation with Dawn Ahner, the current Chair of the NFW Board and Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer at Renown Health, and asked if I could feature her...

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Dickson Realty Spotlight on NV Energy with Mary Simmons News / Video

  As the Vice President of Relocation at Dickson Realty, I had the opportunity to interview Mary Simmons the Vice President of Business Development & Community Strategy at NV Energy about energy savings in Nevada and why companies choose to relocate to our region. Mary Simmons is the Vice President of Business Development & Community Strategy at NV Energy | Connect with Mary on LinkedIn   VC: Dickson...

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Top 3 Tips for Excellence from Ad and Public Relations Person of the Year: Stephanie Kruse Business / Entrepreneurship / Stories

Stephanie Kruse grew up on a farm in a small Iowa town with 1,000 people. It’s a part of the country where there are lots of churches and everyone’s taught that you do the right thing by helping your neighbor. Being raised in the bible belt of Iowa with great morals, values and work ethic is what defined her life. Fast forward a few decades...

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