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4 Strengths that Contribute to Excellence in Reno: Part I Lists

Alright, here’s the update. To date, I’ve interviewed 17 people from Reno in business, entrepreneurship or politics about their story of excellence. I collected their background and asked them all the same five questions. In one of the questions, I ask what one strength contributes most to their excellence. For the purpose of this post, I translated preliminary results from their answers into four key strengths that all start with the...

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What 5 Political Influencers Say about Qualities for Excellence Lists / Politics

Whether they are lobbying policy makers, passing bills in the Nevada State Legislature, U.S. House of Congress or governing at the City of Reno, the qualities for excellence that political influencers seek to find in others include strong interpersonal skills, certain personal values and the ability to expand and lead. The beauty of blogging as a storyteller is that I can go back through my notes and in...

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Photo courtesy of Argentum Politics / Stories

Imagine working in a small business that gets absorbed by a larger corporation. Your freedom and flexibility have changed and your nose is increasingly to the grind. You work hard, you’re talented and smart. You know the right people and they are ready to join you in discovering what we call liberty in this country: starting and owning a business. John Sande IV went through this...

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