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Imagine working in a small business that gets absorbed by a larger corporation. Your freedom and flexibility have changed and your nose is increasingly to the grind. You work hard, you’re talented and smart. You know the right people and they are ready to join you in discovering what we call liberty in this country: starting and owning a business. John Sande IV went through this...

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Consultant, Candidate & Lecturer: Jill Tolles Politics / Stories

Jill Tolles wasn’t even 30 when she worked as a regional manager for a Fortune 200 company. Hard work ethic and strong communication skills brought her up through the ranks to a position where she identified payroll and human resource solutions for hundreds of small businesses in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. She built relationships that gave her insight into the local economy and challenges faced by job...

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Recognized as Visionary of the Year: Mark Estee Entrepreneurship / Stories

The first time I met Mark, I ordered one of each. That was, one of each dessert at his restaurant downtown on the Truckee River, Campo. He delivered the plate himself and described in detail what I’d be eating. The conversation about food and the Caramel Budino evolved into a greater conversation about business. With food and business on the table, Mark started talking to me about his vision. It...

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Excellence: 5 Questions for Business, Political People & Entrepreneurs Business / Stories

excellence  ex·cel·lence \ˈek-s(ə-)lən(t)s\: the best we can be, maximizing our gifts, talents and abilities to perform at our highest potential. I almost chose to write a blog on success. It seems obvious that someone in entrepreneurship would ask business people and entrepreneurs about how they become successful. Instead of focus on success, which is often measured by comparison to others, I want to write about excellence. People...

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