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After the economic crash of 2008, they lost their jobs just like millions of other people, but with MBA’s in their back pockets, starting a business together put a floor under their risk. The three Raydon brothers analyzed the economy of every decent sized city in the interior western United States. They left out the coast and didn’t look further than Denver. After thorough research, they decided to roll the dice on Reno.

I previously interviewed and wrote Eric Raydon‘s story, one of three brothers who co-owns Marmot Properties. Eric told me th_53A1021at Marmot is bullish on the region. I think it’s a combination of their background, education and passion that lends to their optimistic outlook for Reno. They identify as social entrepreneurs and share a mission, vision and passion that drive them to excellence.

In 2008 when the Raydon brothers recognized the yield curve inverted, they expected a terrible recession was on the way. After losing their jobs, they knew they could eventually go back to corporate America, but they just didn’t want to.

It took them 6 months to figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up and another 20 years to realize a true professional passion for urban re-development. Marmot Properties emerged in 2010 in the form of social entrepreneurship to rehab Reno.

They view Midtown, downtown and the real estate around the University as a whole. Of course each district has its own nuances, but for Reno to live up to its full potential, those three areas need to be rehabilitated, reconnected and the historical connection needs to be reestablished.

To date, the Marmot brothers have rehabbed nearly 200  dilapidated residential units. This includes dozens of properties all throughout Reno’s urban core. Another part of Marmot’s work in the community involves sitting on the Mayor’s blue ribbon anti blight commission and the Board for the Regional Alliance for Downtown (RAD).

Midtown is cool and hip and the credit for that originally goes to people like Jessica Schneider and Hillary Schieve who paved the way for others to make an impact. There are new buildings, rehabbed residences and plenty of new bars and restaurants open, yet at any given location a handful of blocks out might exist the most appalling human living conditions.

It’s Marmot Properties mission to clean that up. People shouldn’t have to live like that. Citizens of this city are entitled to clean, safe neighborhoods and quality housing. It doesn’t have to be luxurious but it has to be decent. The Marmots are driven by a shared passion that paints this story of excellence in Reno. They completely trust their team and rely on relationships where each person is held accountable to do well by doing good.

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