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Jill Tolles wasn’t even 30 when she worked as a regional manager for a Fortune 200 company. Hard work ethic and strong communication skills brought her up through the ranks to a position where she identified payroll and human resource solutions for hundreds of small businesses in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. She built relationships that gave her insight into the local economy and challenges faced by job creators. She reached the six-figure salary threshold that many women never see and then she chose to start a family.

Working with hundreds of regional businesses gave me insight into the local economy and challenges faced by job creators.

Jill’s educational background and experience make her an excellent candidate to manage meetings with business clients and deliver lectures in communication studies on any given day. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication studies and has gained experience instructing judges how to think critically and resolve conflicts as faculty of the National Judicial College. She is also the owner of a small business that leads trainings and consulting wJill Tollesith companies on effective communication strategies.

Now, Jill starts every morning and finishes every day writing thank you notes to those supporting her political run in Assembly District 25. She’s a pro business candidate and supports workforce development. She served on the 2013 Task Force for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and successfully lobbied for changes in educational curriculum standards to teach personal safety to children. Her advocacy has continued and will live on through the video of Jill delivering one of the most heartfelt and candid TEDxUniversityofNevada talks of 2016.

When I asked Jill the number one tip to maintain excellence, she said learning how to say no. The more successful you are, or the longer you have been in any field, the better the opportunities you are presented. But, good does not mean excellent. Good also does not mean it falls in line with your primary goal or your purpose.

Learn how to say No. The more successful you are, or the longer you have been in any field, the better the opportunities you are presented.

Jill recognizes excellence through people who can lead, listen, research and know how not to be all about themselves because leaders pour into others. The number one strength that contributes to her excellence is connecting with people. Jill is a leader that can relate to many different people. She maintains a strong core and the principles of who she is by relying on her foundation to stay centered. Her overall advice for excellence is to believe in yourself more.

Believe in yourself more.

Jill became my role model the day I met her and 5 minutes into a presentation on persuasive communication. She is an incredibly genuine speaker that articulates important and memorable messages. She is a balance of smart, outgoing and refined. In a year of building a friendship and supporting her on the campaign trail, I recognize Jill as the epitome of excellence, leadership and class.

Jill Tolles is a wife, mom, educator, small business owner, proud Nevadan and candidate for Assembly District 25 | Follow Jill on twitter @JillTolles | Help Jill Move Nevada Forward

Photo courtesy of Jill Tolles

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