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Visualize waking up in a new world everyday. You forget what happened the day before, so the challenges of yesterday don’t get in the way. You are an eternal optimist and the past will not affect what’s before you. It takes a specific personality to assess a situation and continue to move as an optimist.

Brianna Bullentini (who we all call Brie) is an eternal optimist and needs to be that way. There will always be fires, but it’s part of her personality to have the discipline to not look left and right and to keep her nose to the grind. The greatest strength she brings to the table is her enthusiasm. She puts in 110% energy and excitement into every project she touches. It invigorates her and it’s contagious for other people. If she doesn’t bring her A game, it’s reflected in the project or her business.

I’m an eternal optimist and need to be that way.

Tenacity and resilience are the most important qualities that Brie holds as a designer. Failure is part of design and we must try and try again to innovate and grow. Design, as explained in her 2015 TEDxReno talk, is a way in which to think and a psychology to understanding the world around us. More important than being book smart, Brie sees a willingness to learn and hunger to find answers as the most important qualities that contribute to excellence in design.

The willingness to learn and hunger for answers is more important than being book smart.

Brie Brishowed characteristics of the design mindset as a young woman in high school. Nothing stopped her from diving in and competing with anyone, even men in football. Brie not only played varsity football but she was on a team that ranked number three in the State according to America’s Source for High School Sports. Brie wore jersey number 48 and is the only girl, ever in the state of Nevada to play wide receiver in varsity football.

The year after high school, Brie moved to Ghana, Africa at age 17. She booked a one-way ticket, coached soccer and lived at an orphanage. When she flew back to the United States a year later, it was a culture shock, especially moving directly into New York City, Parsons design school and work with ICRAVE, Michael Jordan, and Anthropologie to name a few. At 20, Brie was taking life very seriously and now advises that young people should live a little bit more and not work so hard because working hard comes later.

Live a bit more and not work so hard because working hard comes later.

Brie returned back to Reno in 2015 and has been on a mission ever since to launch RAWBRY, a cold press juice bar in a space she designed, called The Basement. When asked the number one tip to maintain excellence, Brie said that you must have an obsessive plan, one that people catch you writing down on two different notebooks. Life will throw you curve balls but if you always stick to the original plan you will maintain excellence.

You need an obsessive plan, one that people catch you writing down on two different notebooks.

Brianna Bullentini is a native Nevadan | Founder of RAWBRY | Designer of The Basement | Like RAWBRY on Facebook | Follow on instagram @RAWBRY


Photography by: Conzachi Photography


  1. Working with MJ must have been a dream come true! You rock Brie! Scoring touchdowns on the gridiron and in life. Third ranked football team in the state, now ranked number one in our hearts.

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