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You know something’s up when you’re sitting next to a 16-year-old in your Human Sexuality College course. Higher education is tough enough, but at 16 and with the last name Pinkham, there were other, more significant social challenges. Burning the time between finishing high school/starting college, Addie Pinkham started “stepping out” and taking college classes at the age of 14, until, the victim of horrific bullying in high school, she dropped out and entered college full time at 16 with the goal to become the next Dr. Ruth.

aa 4Serving on student council, founding a cheerleading squad, and performing with the dance company, things seemed to be going in the typical college fashion, until at age 18 she helped a friend attempt to pass the ASVAB (i.e., the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) by taking it herself and earned a perfect score. The Army hounded her to join. On a lark, she agreed on one term: if they changed her name. Little did she realize that task would take all of 4 hours and change the trajectory of her life.

This was the birth of Adreynn Ashley. Although the Army didn’t stick, the name did and via her social profile, it’s been retweeted, liked and shared all over the world <<@adryenn>> thanks to the large following of 106k on twitter alone. Adryenn has been online since there was an online. She’s been an actor, film producer, designed testing harnesses for artificial intelligence applications and even got to break into banks for a living… at the bank’s request of course.  Turning the internet on its head has been a life long learning experience, and social media has been the next evolution of that.

I’ve been online since there was an online.

As a social influencer with a global reach over 100 million, she’s often invited to the early alpha launches of new sites, so she knows what’s hot, what’s coming, and Adryenn has a prediction: Twitter is dying. If the platform doesn’t evolve, it will die. News reports it’s moving from timeline to news feed, but if you can’t mute hashtags, the #1 reason people congregate there in the first place, it’s over. People tweetchat on Twitter which produces live engagement and live discussions, but the lifespan of a tweet is a mere 4 minutes. Right now it’s good for emergency warnings and if you want to join a discussion on a trending topic, but it’s rare for followers to go to your timeline and view all your tweets.

When I asked her if I should get on Periscope she said, that depends on your audience. The short lived videos are good for impromptu chats with your audience, and the audience engagement tool is amazing, but the watch it or lose it (and also lose the comments) feels wrong. She likes Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The key to mastering Instagram is to realize that Instagram is a push, not a conversation; it’s a photo journal with comments only on individual photos and videos. Facebook is here to stay but the younger kids aren’t on it. You have to find them on Snapchat, but now that older people have figured that out, the younger crew will likely head somewhere new.

People need to realize that Instagram is a push, not a conversation; it’s a photo journal.

To be seen/heard on Twitter, you have to tweet every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day to get more engagement and followers. That kind of consistency is only possible using Hootsuite or Buffer. Most of her retweets come through quotes or photos; sentiment works well. Also, if you want to be in a certain space, establish yourself there. You want to be in tech, so tweet or post the most interesting and up-to-date articles on tech. You must have a vertical on twitter.

With her background in acting, film production and fortitude in college courses like differential equations, Adryenn is versatile with the background and brains to take Crowded TV, a crowd sourcing platform for the best new fan backed entertainment, to new heights. She founded and produced Season 1 of Wake Up TV,  which filmed on national broadcast TV with filming for season 2 starting next month. In the first season, there were five episodes and the first guest was Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.

This crowd funding platform is different than others in that it collects fan backed demographic data, which they call social currency. When fans back a show, they give permission to post to their social profiles about the premiere of the show. This translates into a $1+ million in advertising that CrowdedTV leverages to attract sponsors, advertisers and distribution. Season 1 of their show, Wake Up TV went live on Pop TV (i.e., the former tv guide channel) to 90 million households. The stats were good with 40k households increasing their viewership by 20% week-over-week, so Pop TV absolutely said yes when they asked to come back with Season 2.

This crowd funding platform is different than others in that it collects fan backed demographic data, which they call social currency.

It’s a wonder howaa 3 she keeps up with being a mother, tech CEO, film/tv producer and attending special events as a guest social media correspondent at the Emmys and rubbing elbows with other celebrities at Vanity Fair Oscar events. She explains it’s all about harnessing her ADD. Most people think of it as a detriment, but she sees it as the ability to take in thousands of data points all at once. Once you can master filing all those data points and later connect the dots, you appear omnipotent.

Her best tips for advice are to remember that you have two heads and one mouth; listen in that proportion. Don’t dominate the conversation at networking mixers even though you are awesome. She learned those two points the hard way. Another point she makes is to never sell out. You maintain the integrity of yourself when you are true to who you are even if someone wants to hand you a big check.

You have two heads and one mouth; listen in that proportion.

Adryenn Ashley is the CEO & Founder of Crowded TV | Follow Adryenn on twitter @adryenn | Back Crowded TV with Social Currency

Photo courtesy of Adryenn Ashley


  1. Kevin Melcher Says: March 19, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Kylie, thank you for writing your fun blog! I have learned quite a bit from each one of them and your writing style is fun to read. Good job, I look forward to reading your future blog entries!

    • Kylie Rowe Says: March 20, 2016 at 2:32 pm

      Kevin, thank you for subscribing to my blog and reading my posts. I appreciate the support and would love any feedback you have about future people to interview or how I can make this blog better.

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