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Whether they are lobbying policy makers, passing bills in the Nevada State Legislature, U.S. House of Congress or governing at the City of Reno, the qualities for excellence that political influencers seek to find in others include strong interpersonal skills, certain personal values and the ability to expand and lead.

The beauty of blogging as a storyteller is that I can go back through my notes and in this case, political stories to find memorable quotes. In this article, I pulled 5 interview answers about what specific qualities political influencers would look for in a person to replace them with excellence.

1. Interpersonal Skills.

Interpersonal skills are the most important quality in a new hire. Nevada attorney and lobbyist John Sande said that you want someone really smart but also someone who can deliver information in ways that people are capable of perceiving. As a lobbyist, the number one quality that someone can have is the ability to synthesize complex concepts in ways that other people can understand.

2. Integrity, Honesty and Humility.

Former U.S. Congressman Ed Zschau said that the best person for any job is someone that has solid values such as integrity, honesty and humility. You look at political figures these days and wonder who is in it for themselves and who is in to make a positive difference in the world. When Ronald Reagan was in the Oval, he said that ‘there is no limit to what you can achieve in politics and life as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.’ Therefore, a humble leader is the number one criteria in hiring the right person. True leaders give credit and take blame, but sadly, it’s so often the other way around.

3. Solid Work Ethic.other flag pic

When looking for someone who would replace you with excellence, City of Reno Councilwoman Neoma Jardon said that you want to find someone that has solid worth ethic. It’s also critical to find someone with an even temper that can take a respectful approach to governing and policy making.

4. Push the Boundaries.

The true hallmark of hiring the right person to replace you is when the transition for the new employee is seamless. You prepare them to start in a place so that it never feels like you were gone. Public Affairs Manager and former Associated Student of University of Nevada Vice President Alex Bybee said you find the right person when they are willing to push the boundaries of a product you originally developed. They can grow a project or program, make it their own, expand it and make it better than they found it. The person you hire can beat you at your own game.

5. Someone who can Lead.

In any industry, whether its political or business, you want to find a leader. Candidate for Nevada State Assembly Jill Tolles said you look for someone who can lead. The right person can listen, research and they know how not to be all about themselves. It requires a layer of humility matched with confidence. This person is one who can pour themselves into others because a leader is constantly pouring into others.


What qualities for excellence would you seek in someone to replace you?

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