4 Strengths that Contribute to Excellence in Reno: Part I Lists

Alright, here’s the update. To date, I’ve interviewed 17 people from Reno in business, entrepreneurship or politics about their story of excellence. I collected their background and asked them all the same five questions. In one of the questions, I ask what one strength contributes most to their excellence. For the purpose of this post, I translated preliminary results from their answers into four key strengths that all start with the letter “P”.

1. Priorities

Four different people responded that having priorities, in some form or another, are what contribute most to their excellence. In the interview with Heather, she described that her ability to focus and prioritize business building is what makes her excellent. Caroline, Jen and Adryenn said something similar about how having the drive to focus on what needs to be done is their biggest strength.

2. People

Three people stated their greatest strength had something to do with people. Jill said that connecting with people contributes most to her excellence. John said his number one strength was being a team player and creating an environment with people where everyone feels like their opinion matters. Nancy said that she asks people what they think, she listens and is collaborative.


3. Passion

Three people claimed that a passionate or positive attitude is their greatest strength that leads to excellence. Jim and Bri talked about their enthusiasm for every project in which they are involved. They wake up everyday feeling just as motivated and passionate to get out of bed. Britton said that being positive and quickly overcoming failure is the number one strength that contributes to her excellence.

4. Perspective

Neoma described her greatest strength as having the ability to take a 30,000 foot, big picture perspective in governing. Appreciating the opportunity to work with clients on project year-after-year should not be taken for granted and a perspective to design creative solutions is a strength that both Marlene and Chris mentioned contributed to their excellence.

This is just a sample of stories and as I continue to interview people, more or different themes may emerge. It will be interesting to see similarities and how it may further paint a picture of Excellence in Reno. This post is titled Part I, so that I can reference it when I collect 17 more stories and write Part II that reevaluates the strengths that contribute to excellence.

If you could name one strength, what would you say contributes most to your excellence?

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  1. Great summary, Kylie. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned through profiling all of these amazing individuals.

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