Online since there was an online: Adryenn Ashley Entrepreneurship / Stories

You know something’s up when you’re sitting next to a 16-year-old in your Human Sexuality College course. Higher education is tough enough, but at 16 and with the last name Pinkham, there were other, more significant social challenges. Burning the time between finishing high school/starting college, Addie Pinkham started “stepping out” and taking college classes at the age of 14, until, the victim of horrific bullying in...

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Varsity football player turned designer: Brianna Bullentini Entrepreneurship / Stories

Visualize waking up in a new world everyday. You forget what happened the day before, so the challenges of yesterday don’t get in the way. You are an eternal optimist and the past will not affect what’s before you. It takes a specific personality to assess a situation and continue to move as an optimist. Brianna Bullentini (who we all call Brie) is an eternal optimist and...

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Recognized as Visionary of the Year: Mark Estee Entrepreneurship / Stories

The first time I met Mark, I ordered one of each. That was, one of each dessert at his restaurant downtown on the Truckee River, Campo. He delivered the plate himself and described in detail what I’d be eating. The conversation about food and the Caramel Budino evolved into a greater conversation about business. With food and business on the table, Mark started talking to me about his vision. It...

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By Marcus Lavergne University of Nevada, Reno alumna, 4.0-grad student, assistant director, women’s empowerment advocate and activist, business owner — these are just a few of the many hats that Kylie Rowe wears on a daily basis. Her newest venture explores ways to introduce women on campus and in the community to entrepreneurship… Read The Rest  

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