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You see the heroine of Star Wars approaching you from off in a distance. You know it’s her because she’s all in white and has her hair up in those buns on either side of her head. She fastens her lightsaber to the back of her belt and starts to turn toward you. Just as you’re getting ready to call to the Princess, you realize that’s not Leia, that’s Britton Griffith Douglass!

That’s not Princess Leia, that’s Britton Griffith Douglass!

111Yes, that’s right. Britton is known for her obsession and fascination with Star Wars. She may be the Downtown Darling, but I’m convinced she’s the modern day Princess Leia! It’s publicly known she spent her most recent 30th birthday dressed as Leia in a Star Wars party she hosted and simultaneously raised $3,700 to support the Volunteers of America Northern Nevada. All her friends and family joined in costume to support the cause.

There was another sighting of Leia last year when she accepted her award as one of the 2015 Twenty under 40 top professionals in Reno Tahoe. I’m pretty sure Britton flew to the podium in the Tantive IV with Star Wars music playing in the background. Not only did she prepare the most impressive speech of the evening, it was completely Star Wars based and full of thanks to her friends, family and mentors who she trusts enough to ask for and utilize their feedback.

I ask for and utilize criticism and make relationships with people I can trust enough to give real feedback.

The force is so strong with Britton. She’s a 5th generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno. She is the Vice President of Operations for Reno Engineering Corporation, celebrating 21 years as a family owned business that is at the top of it’s game, according to Nevada Business Magazine. Britton was recently recognized as the Community Champion of the Year and is known for her involvement in the Regional Alliance for Downtown, Riverwalk District, House of Genius, Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, NCET, Volunteers of America and Reno Tahoe griffith

Reno Engineering Corporation is at the top of it’s game, doing better than ever.

Britton lives and breathes the heart of Reno and you can commonly find her downtown at Campo or walking Startup Row with her smartphone, coffee and a smile. Her greatest strength is positivity and the ability to come back from failure, learn from it and quickly let it go. She’s excellent, both in her professional and personal life as she practices yoga and makes time for family at their ranch in Graeagle. On an ideal day, she’d spend time with her dogs and husband, eat delicious bites, read a bulky book and drink wine with friends around a campfire.

My greatest strength is positivity. I can come back from failure, learn from it and quickly let it go.

The simple truth about Britton’s excellence is that she loves what she does. She is excited to be in real estate development and give back to the community. Excellence doesn’t come from learning or training how to do something; it requires that you are passionate about what you are doing so much that people call you and want to work with you. You can read a million books but you have to want to wake up everyday to be in your field.

Excellence requires that you are passionate about what you are doing so much that people call you and want to work with you.

Britton Griffith Douglass is the Vice President, Operations at Reno Engineering | Follow Britton on twitter @BrittonDouglass | Like the Biggest Little City’s Downtown Darling

Photo courtesy of Britton Griffith Douglass


  1. I follow Britton online. She is a great example for anyone who is trying to build a personal brand. Just the right mix of business and personal comes through. You can really get to know her. She is a tremendous asset to our community and though I don’t know her well, I am a huge supporter. Thank you for this fun and well written post about a great community leader.

    • Kylie Rowe Says: March 14, 2016 at 10:12 pm

      Alice, thank you for the comment. I’d recommend getting to know Britton. She is an incredible community leader and has a heart of gold.

  2. Wow! I was unaware that Britton was building this. Thank you for sharing Kylie. I can’t wait to talk to her about it

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