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Alice Heiman, originally from New Jersey, studied education and started a resource center for parents and teachers just after earning a master’s degree in literacy. With a cutting edge business in education, she spoke at conferences around the country. Although she was an expert with a passion for the industry, she faced a tough lesson not reaching the revenue necessary to keep her business open.

Next she worked for her family business Miller-Heiman teaching strategies and tactics for large companies to position themselves well and execute a sale. She eventually went off on her own and has been operating Alice Heiman, LLC for over 20 years. Specializing in lifting up startups and small businesses, she helps companies develop and execute sales plans. This August 2016 she plans to launch her first book, written specifically for company owners that don’t know anything about sales.

I had the opportunity to ask Alice five questions on excellence; check out her answers below.

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Excellence Q&A with Alice Heiman

Q: What is the number one tip to maintain excellence in the work you do?

A: Staying on top of my game so that I can produce at a very high level. It’s all about getting the help that I need when I need it. I rely on mentors, coaches and experts. If I don’t know something well enough, I find the people that do and read about the topic. You can’t be good at everything and when you try to be, it can be disastrous. You can learn it yourself but can more quickly get where you need to be by involving an expert.

Q: If you advanced in your career, moved on to the next biggest and best thing, what specific quality would you look for in a person that would replace you with excellence?

A: Two things stand out: 1) a positive mindset or attitude, and 2) someone who is always learning.

Q: Overall, if you could name one strength, what would you say contributes most to your excellence?

A: My positive attitude and authority in my industry. People want to be around happy people. I use positivity to draw people to me, and when I open my mouth it’s something that people want to hear because it’s high quality information that can change their life.

Q: How does your personality contribute to excellence?

A: The first thing is you have to know your own personality. This requires being introspective and knowing yourself well. I know myself well because I have been studying myself for a long time. Before I recognized the impact I had on people, I was scaring people away. Now that I know myself better and regularly take feedback from people, I use that to continue to shape how I present myself. I have been able to temper my extreme extroversion to a point where people can manage it better and are not repelled by it.

Q: What advice for excellence would you give your 20-year-old self?

A: Love and take care of yourself more, be kinder, have grace for who you are and where you are in this world. Have high expectations but not so much that you are always beating yourself up for not being as good as you want to be.

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